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Do you run ads? Do you need brochures or other marketing materials? Are you in need of a consultant, accountant or an attorney? Do you need office equipment? You can acquire all of these services with Barter World Direct dollars.
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Do you want to take your customers or staff to lunch or dinner? Do you need a hotel room? How about a well needed vacation or just a massage to help relax from the stresses of life? Thousands of items can be purchased with Barter World Direct dollars. With a Barter World Direct membership your options are limitless. You can use your Barter World Direct dollars to purchase all kinds of products and services to improve your quality of life - from restaurants, resorts, jewelry, clothing, cars, trips, dentistry, hair salons, manicures, dry cleaners, alteration shops, boutiques, florists, bakeries, catering, gift baskets, medical services, and much more.
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Barter World Direct is a member of the  International Barter Alliance, a   DoBarter on Line service. Your membership in Barter World Direct offers you access to goods and services from ten's of thousands of members in exchanges worldwide.
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