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The best place for cashless transactions. Put your cash and credit cards away and buy and sell using Barter World Direct dollars! With Barter World Direct dollars, money will never be the same.

You can obtain products and services without spending cash. Instead of buying the things you need and want with cash, you make purchases with our dollars, earned by selling your products and services, excess inventory or capacity to other members.

What do you need or want?

Do you run ads? Do you need brochures or other marketing materials? Are you in need of a consultant, accountant or an attorney? Do you need office equipment? You can acquire all of these services with Barter World Direct dollars.

Thatís just the beginning!
Do you want to take your customers or staff to lunch or dinner? Do you need a hotel room? How about a well needed vacation or just a massage to help relax from the stresses of life? Thousands of items can be purchased with Barter World Direct dollars.

With a Barter World Direct membership your options are limitless. You can use your Barter World Direct dollars to purchase all kinds of products and services to improve your quality of life - from restaurants, resorts, jewelry, clothing, cars, trips, dentistry, hair salons, manicures, dry cleaners, alteration shops, boutiques, florists, bakeries, catering, gift baskets, medical services, and much more.

We do all the work!
Barter World Direct provides you with a variety of resources so you can focus on growing your business and improving your quality of life.

  • We take care of the record keeping so you aren't bogged down with details
  • We offer free customer support
  • You have access to our private membership directory for marketing your products and services
  • You have access to your account information, anywhere, anytime, using our easy-to-use Web site